2007 Urban Predator. 

Level A9 Armored = NATO B6 + Level, Solid Ballistic Steel Armor  !

VIP Transportation. Natural Disaster Rescue Missions. Mobile Safe. Military Patrol/Evacuation.  Urban Assault (SWAT).

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Automatic Transmission, cruising speed 85 MPH ! Seating Capacity 16 equipped marines or 22 civilians. 6.0L Ford Turbo Diesel (Factory Chipped 405HP). Vehicles are Built on Solid  Frame 200" Wheel Base F550 4X4 Chassis with reinforced suspension, .  

Urban Predator Technology Package  :

4X4. Super Heavy Duty, Reinforced Front and Rear Suspension.

Armor Specifications... LEVEL A9 (B6+)

Urban Predator Equipment  (included) :

These vehicles are also available in light tan color (Desert Predator).

2 Firing positions / emergency exits on the roof.

Total of  7 evacuation exits, all 7 are Level A9 Armored !

More Pictures : Exterior, Interior, Manufacturing Process, 5 Meg Video Clip.